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26th Galway Film Fleadh | 8th-13th July 2014

Academy Awards Arts Council

Fleadh Lineup 2014

  • An Bronntanas

    “The first ‘Celtic noir’ thriller of its kind as Gaeilge, An Bronntanas is a blackly comic exploration of morality in desperate times.”   An Bronntanas (The Gift)  is a contemporary thriller set against the...
    Sun 13 July Town Hall Theatre 20.00

  • War Story

    “A compelling, beautifully filmed character study of a war zone photographer in personal turmoil”   Lee (Catherine Keener) is a war photographer who has spent her adult life in the world’s most treacherous conflict...
    Sun 13 July IMC 6 19.15

  • Standing Aside, Watching

    “Standing Aside Watching is an effortless blend of ‘Greek Weird Wave’ cinema and feminist western.”   Grey skies. Farmland. Old depots. An empty station.    A train arrives on the platform. None exits,...
    Sun 13 July IMC 6 17.15

  • Clownwise

    “Clownwise is a truly memorable and poignant study about the lasting bonds of friendship.”   Oskar, Max and Viktor, once a superstar clown trio, finally split up over a heartbreaking fight. Now they’re paying the price of...
    Sun 13 July Cinemobile 17.00


Fleadh picks

The Motel Life

The Motel Life
“An unusual and touching story of brotherly love based on Willie Vlautin’s novel”   Based on Willy...
Sun 13 July IMC 7 19.00

Living in a Coded Land

Living in a Coded Land
“Pat Collins takes the viewer on a dreamy exploration from the Battle of the Boyne through to contemporary...
Sun 13 July IMC 7 17.00

Balkan Spirit

Balkan Spirit
“Slavoj Zizek, Angelina Jolie, Marina Abramovic and more explore the creative brilliance of the Balkan region.”...
Sun 13 July Cinemobile 11.00


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