Galway Film Fleadh | 7th - 12th July 2015
Academy Awards Arts Council

Galway Film Fleadh 2011 Programme

Feature Documentary | Director: Trish Dolman | Canada | 2011

Eco Pirate: The Story of Paul Watson

Eco Pirate: The Story of Paul Watson

Eco Pirate: The Story of Paul Watson is a feature-length documentary about a man on a mission to save the planet and its oceans. Part Captain Nemo, part Grizzly Man, the film follows Watson in the act as he repeatedly flouts the law, apprehending what he sees as the more serious law-breakers – the illegal poachers of the world. From the genesis of Greenpeace to the sinking of a pirate whaling ship off Portugal, from clashes with fishermen in the Galapagos region to Watson’s recent headline-grabbing battle with the Japanese whaling fleet in Antarctica, this documentary chronicles the extraordinary life of one of the most controversial figures in the environmental movement.

Running Time 110 mins | Colour | HD-Cam

Producer Trish Dolman, Kevin Eastwood

Script Trish Dolman

Cast Paul Watson, Rex Weyler, Paul Spong, Robert Hunter, Patrick Moore, Martin Sheen, Anthony Kiedis & Pete Bethune

Production Doc News Productions

Print Source E1 entertainment

Wed 06 Jul Town Hall Main 13.00
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