Galway Film Fleadh | 7th - 12th July 2015
Academy Awards Arts Council

Galway Film Fleadh 2011 Programme

Director: Matthew Aeberhard, Leander Ward | USA, UK | 2008

The Crimson Wing: Mystery of the Flamingos

The Crimson Wing: Mystery of the Flamingos

In a remote wilderness, one of nature’s great mysteries unfolds: the birth, life and death of a million crimson-winged flamingos. Against a backdrop of never-before filmed landscapes, these secretive birds struggle to survive and prevail over danger and fate. This inspiring story, set in the extraordinary ‘otherworld’ of Lake Natron in northern Tanzania – the cradle of humankind – reminds us: here on earth is a universe waiting to be discovered. 


‘There is no other lake in Africa, no other lake in the world, where flamingos gather in such numbers and to such dizzying effect, and Natron’s inaccessibility makes it a sight very few people have seen.’ For the maker, Matthew Aeberhard, the extraordinary gathering of one-and-a-half-million flamingos on the shores of the isolated Lake Natron surpasses all the wonders of the natural world.

Running Time 75 mins | Colour | 35mm

Producer Mathew Aeberhard, Leander Ward, Paul Wedster

Script Melanie Finn

Production A Natural Light Films, Kudos Pictures

Print Source Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Ireland, Park Circus

Fri 08 Jul Omni 7 12.30
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